The Rorshach Test For Princess Beatrice's Hat


The royal wedding is over and done with, but Princess Beatrice’s hat lives on in infamy! Since everyone has an opinion about her chapeau, and it’s fun to play amateur psychiatrist, we present: What What You Think Beatice’s Hat Looks Like Says About You.

If You Think It Looks Like A Frame Or Mirror

You know it’s supposed to look like a frame or mirror, right? Jeez. You have no sense of humor. You never get the joke. You are so boring. And BTW, your friends are sick of you.

If You Think It Looks Like A Uterus

Congratulations! You are familiar with basic human anatomy. And you’re not alone. Starting with MTV Clutch and spreading across the web, many people agree that the hat looks like a uterus — with fallopian tubes. In fact, there is a Facebook group called Princess Beatrice’s hat looks like a uterus. You’re smart, but not cocky about it, and you’re definitely in touch with your feminine side. In fact: You might be a woman.

If You Think It Looks Like A Yip Yip Monster

The Martians from Sesame Street were an important part of many American childhoods. If that’s what you see when you look at the hat, you are youthful and full of whimsy. When faced with something new and strange, you’re likely to smile instead of frown, and attempt to make contact. Despite being in touch with your inner child, you are very evolved.

If You Think It Looks Like A Toilet

Gross. Your mind is filthy. And not in a sexy way. You’re either full of shit or a drunk who spends a lot of time praying at the porcelain altar. Pull yourself together. Christ.

If You Think It Looks Like An Octopus

Aww, it does kind of look like a cephalopod of sorts, kind of a cross between the smiling octopus, a Macrotritopus larva and a squid. You are really quite clever, with a lively, analytical mind. An explorer at heart, you probably enjoy calamari.

If You Think It Looks Like A Bavarian Beard

Willi Chevalier salutes you!

If You Think It Looks Like “The Scream” By Edvard Munch

What a “free spirit” you are. Oh, sure, some might call you a slutty hippie, but come on. With a creative, imaginative brain like that, you’re irresistible. You probably “did a semester abroad in Prague” or someplace, which is a thinly veiled way to say you got stoned, drunk and slept with uncircumsized guys. You’re awesome. You’ve got art to make and tales to tell and the folks who don’t understand you are just jealous of your chic gypset jewelry collection.

If You Think It Looks Like The Flying Spaghetti Monster

You spend a lot of time on the internet. Take a break!

If You Think It Looks Like A Rorshach/Ink Blot Test

You are meta.

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