The Runaways NYC Premiere, Well, Rocked!


The Runaways L.A. premiere was fine and all. But the New York iteration last night the hipster-approved Landmark Sunshine Cinema, was black magic. It brought out not just the film’s heroines but DEBBIE HARRY! To say nothing of Chloe Sevigny.

Love how K.Stew is owning sexy badass. And I like this even more than last week’s Dunca Dance number.

Dakota Fanning is always flawless, and I dig how she’s just owning “princess” at every single one of this movie’s events.

Although Cherie Currie was always the girliest runaway: dig her necklace!

Burberry + Aerosmith: either a stealth-brilliant pomo choice, or ridiculous, from Jessica Hart.

We’ll let Joan Jett — in Joan Jett drag — make the call. Ridiculous? Oh, okay.

You gotta give Chloe props for rocking the Gaultier like a band shirt. And kinda working it.

Riley Keough goes a little bullfighter, a little Victorian with the evening’s (apparently obligatory) black uniform. I worked in a restaurant like that once, but then the owner would be like, “this is the wrong shade of black.” So.

I don’t know why Erin “The City” Lucas is here (even though I know she’s one of the “downtown” circle) and if she thinks this leather rose is rock ‘n roll, she’s mistaken.

I do know why Kirstie’s here: Now that she’s doing that show, she’s suddenly ubiquitous. Not that we aren’t always glad to see her. Maybe she’ll tweet something outrageous!

Bold of Dreama Walker to break out the colors: having two was almost rank folly in its boldness.

Wanna see some bras? No? Sorry, you’re going to. First, Paz de la Huerta.

And these this lovely lady is of course Fabiola Beracasa.

Alessandra Ambrosio: not shy with the silver accents.

Look at that wealth of wisdom and disillusionment — or maybe she’s just gawking at that Aerosmith shirt.
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