The Scoop On The Secret Housewives Lovechild


Within the first 10 minutes of last night’s reunion, Teresa flew off the couch in a rage, screaming in Danielle’s face over the mysterious mention of a “nephew.” Was Danielle implying that Juicy Joe has a love child?

It all started when the women were discussing how Danielle didn’t congratulate Jacqueline on the birth of her son. In true Danielle fashion, she tried to turn the conversation away from any negative reflection on herself and asked Teresa, “Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?”

At first, everyone on camera seemed just as confused as the audience at home, since it seemed like Danielle was asking whether Teresa acknowledged the birth of Jacqueline’s son. But then you could see on Teresa’s face that the wheels began turning. She knew exactly what Danielle was implying, and it threw her into a fit of ire that had her screaming like a farm animal giving birth. Danielle—having successfully made someone look more psychotic than herself—sauntered off the stage.

Everyone was left wondering how the mention of a nephew could evoke such a visceral reaction from Teresa. It was obviously a hot-button issue, and Danielle know exactly what she was doing when she pushed it.

Well, rumors have been swirling for several months now that Juicy Joe has a “gumar” named Tara G. (It is unknown at this time whether or not there is any relation to Kim G.) Apparently, it’s an open secret in the Giudice’s hometown with Tara showing off pictures of the couple together, and Joe supposedly even takes her to his construction sites. Tara is said to be young, blonde, and supported, financially, by Joe. She also has a baby boy, and while it’s unknown whether or not Joe is really the father (someone get Maury on the horn!), it would make sense that even the suggestion of a love child would make Teresa lose control.

According to one website, Danielle hired a private investigator to follow the Giudices, Lauritas, and Manzos to get some dirt on them, and that sounds like some crazy shit that she would do. Could this be the same P.I. she hired to track down her birth mother? Because that whole story line this season of finding her birth mother—the teenager who allegedly traveled from Sicily to Pennsylvania to give birth—seemed completely contrived and pointless to me, seeing as how Danielle’s ex-husband Keven Maher discussed the impossibility of opening her adoption records in Cop Without a Badge.

At the time of Danielle/Beverly’s birth, in the early 1960′s, adoption records were permanently sealed. According to Maher, in an unsuccessful bid in the late 1980′s to help Danielle find out who her birth mother was-at the time Maher was confidential paid informant for the FBI and and DEA– two U.S Federal Agents who offered to help were unable to get permission to unseal Danielle’s adoption records. Maher questions as to what documentation Danielle could show which would prove Danielle’s claims her birth mother was a teenager who originated from Italy or Sicily, her biological father was a priest, plus proof of the priest’s murder, and/or, that her birth mother came from a “well-to-do Italian family”?

You can read all about the unraveling of Danielle’s pathological lies here.

So does Juicy Joe really have a mistress? Maybe. But it’s so hard to believe anything that Danielle says, because it’s been proven that she lies so much and so often. It’s understandable that Teresa would get that worked up even over a rumor about her family. Whatever the case, the silver lining of Danielle’s walk-off is that we got to witness her “amazing” mantra.

And if nothing else, we finally learned what Danielle did that made Caroline cry at last year’s reunion.

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