The Sexy, Violent Trailer For Angelina Jolie's In The Land Of Blood & Honey


Last week, the trailer for Angelina Jolie’s film, In The Land Of Blood & Honey, hit YouTube, only to be yanked down within hours. But it’s back, so you can take a peek at the gun-toting love story slash romantic war story. The film deals with the relationship between a Serbian soldier and a Muslim woman against the backdrop of the Bosnian War. When asked about the title, Jolie said: “It’s a heavy film. You want to find that title that really helps the audience know what they’re walking into… The final name was driving me crazy. I have lists and lists of titles all over.”

The biggest question about the film, which was shot in English as well as in Serbo-Croatian, is how it will perform during its opening weekend: It’s supposed to hit theaters December 23 — the same weekend as the highly-anticipated The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher’s Tattoo is actually being released on the Wednesday before that holiday weekend. But after audiences see that, will they want another stomach-churner? Or will they opt for something lighter and heart-warming, like We bought A Zoo (also released on the 23rd) instead?

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