The Song of the Summer Is Mason Ramsey's 'White Christmas'


Mason Ramsey, aka Walmart Yodeling Boy, aka King of the Bale, aka lil Hank Williams, aka my sweet, sweet summer child, is out with a new video this week for his cover of “White Christmas.” Twelve-year-old Ramsey, who is famous for a viral video in which he yodels “shedoome, shedooyoo” in Walmart and taps his feet, is back, but THIS time he has fringes on:

In a press release, Ramsey called “White Christmas” the “best holiday song” and declared, “I’ve grown up listening to Michael Bublé’s version with Shania Twain. It’s also a song in Home Alone too—my favorite movie to watch at Christmas!,” two sentences to make anyone feel 1,000 years old.

The video is about as wholesome as it gets, complete with children dressed like 1920s street urchins, snow-covered evergreens, and an old-timey microphone:

Unfortunately, for someone who has made his name on yodeling, there is simply not enough yodeling in this video. But either way, Ramsey’s “White Christmas” is still this winter’s song of the summer.

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