The Straight Guy In A Gay Man's World On Project Runway


Last night, the designers were challenged to create something for the Marie Claire woman, which would be featured on a billboard in Times Square. At the end, there was a cameo appearance by Coco Rocha!

Jason, creator of the atrocious “infinity dress,” had bizarre inspirations and made ludicrous statements. For instance: “alien croppings.”

And: “Everything is stacked against me. I’m a straight guy in a gay man’s world… don’t be so hard on me.” What the fuck. No one forced you at gunpoint to design women’s clothing. Christ. Moving on.

Highlights and lowlights from the runway:
The judges thought Valerie’s dress was “simple” and “elegant” and “very much a cover dress.” The low scoop and zipper were slightly yuck, but whatever. Valerie was in.

It was a good thing that Mondo had a meltdown, because once he had that out of his system, he put on some neon glasses and made a flirty little dress. Mondo: In!

Peach made a “Stepford wife” dress with some kind of animal thing cascading down the back. Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles was appalled, and rightfully so. Peach was in, though.

Jason’s fucked up bullshit with safety pin closures made his model look stumpy and wide, and the whole thing was an embarrassment — including the way he walked out before Tim Gunn could say goodbye to him when he was auf’d. Good Riddance.

Nicholas made some kind of horrifying satiny asymmetrical abomination with the back all eaten away. He was also sent home, but at least he stuck around to talk to Tim Gunn.

Gretchen’s jumpsuit won the challenge, even though it felt a little J.Lo circa 2001.

Whee! Coco Rocha! Times Square billboard! Oh my gaaaaaad! Gretcheeeen!

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