The Supreme Court Will Begin Reconsidering Roe v. Wade on December 1

The court will hear arguments on Mississippi's abortion ban just in time to cancel reproductive rights for the holidays.

The Supreme Court Will Begin Reconsidering Roe v. Wade on December 1
Image:Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images)

Just on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision to go ahead and allow Texas to make abortion all but impossible, arguments concerning a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade have been slated to being on Monday, December 1.

According to Politico, over the summer, Mississippi petitioned the court to directly overturn Roe, a change from its previous position, which argued that the state could enforce its 15-week abortion ban without circumventing the protections offered by Roe. Since then, briefs have appeared from both pro-choice and anti-abortion groups, including from the dirtbag that gave us Texas’s draconian abortion laws. Jonathan F. Mitchell, the architect of Texas’ abortion ban thinks women should simply stop having sex and would like to see overturning Roe as a gateway to revoking all manner of rights, including gay marriage.

Though a ruling on Mississippi’s ban probably won’t come down until the summer, today, the White House came out in favor of a bill that would expand legislation designed to prevent states like Texas and Mississippi to pass laws effectively outlawing abortion. While the bill is expected to pass the House, it would require 60 votes in the Senate, which will likely be much more difficult.

Meanwhile, the actual human beings who live in America would very much like to keep their access to safe, legal abortion. According to a national poll out of Monmouth University, 62 percent of respondents would like to leave Roe v. Wade as it is, while 54 percent disapprove of the Supreme Court allowing Texas to keep its abortion ban. It’s almost as if those arguing to overturn Roe v. Wade don’t actually care about what constituents want as long as they’re able to exert control over their bodies.

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