The Trailer for Love, Antosha Is a Touching Love Letter to Anton Yelchin


Anton Yelchin was just 27-years-old when he died in a freak accident outside his Los Angeles home in 2016. The young actor’s death was a blow to his rapidly growing fanbase, who’d watched him mature from the talented kid in 2001’s Hearts in Atlantis to a full-fledged sensation in Star Trek, with a packed slate of credits to his name in between. Now, a trailer for the documentary Love, Antosha, offers a revealing look at Yelchin’s life and the many passions that made him who he was.

Interviews with Chris Pine, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, William Dafoe and many others reveal a driven person who explored multiple forms of creative expression, from acting to photography to music. As Stewart, who worked with him on the 2005 film Fierce People, said: “I was so kind of baffled by how good he was. I wanted to be better, smarter, cooler, but couldn’t even hang with him.”

Chris Pine, Yelchin’s Star Trek co-star, appeared at Hollywood Forever Cemetery ahead of a 10th anniversary screening of the film to introduce the trailer for Love, Antosha, saying:

“Obviously we’re here for Anton; he was one of my dear friends and I felt like I was only getting a chance to know him a better one when he passed,” Pine told the crowd. “The film is incredible and I think it’ll show you all different sides of the guy that I knew — this curious, fascinating, complex, strange little dude.”
Pine went on to talk about working with Yelchin on the “Star Trek” films, saying he was like a little brother to the cast since he was about 10 years younger than the other actors. “We saw him grow up and continue to get stranger, more curious – [about] music and literature and photography. You’ll see all that in here,” he added. “Tons of letters that he wrote to his family who he was close with. And it’s so touching to see how much love there is between Viktor and Irina, his parents, and Anton.”

Yelchin was found pinned between his Jeep Grand Cherokee and a fence outside his Studio City home in June of 2016. Earlier this year, his parents reached a settlement with the car maker following a lawsuit alleging a gear malfunction was responsible for his death.

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