The New Trailer for Season 3 of UnREAL Looks Hot, Smart 


The NSFW teaser for the third season of Lifetime’s scripted drama about semi-scripted reality, UnREAL, is here, and it contains a plot about the show within the show (Everlasting, a Bachelor-like competition) walking back from the brink of cancellation.

Plus this great observation about the show’s new star: “She’s hot, smart……….but single.” That’s right, it looks like another of this season’s curveballs will be that the bachelorette is hella strong-willed and diabolical, due I guess to her remarkable intelligence (I’m not sure if that differs from past plot lines, I’m just assuming, because of characters in the trailer expressing disbelief and worry over this).

Then one of the reality show producers, played by Constance Zimmer, is admonishingly told “You crossed a line,” to which she replies, “Oh, suddenly there’s a line?”

Uh huh, and drug use probably.

Season 3 of UnREAL premieres February 26, 10 p.m. EST, on Lifetime.

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