The Website, YouTube and Instagram Accounts For ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Have All Been Taken Offline

Shows often live online long past their cancellation dates—but the team behind Williams' beloved talk show seems to have already scrubbed it from the internet.

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The Website, YouTube and Instagram Accounts For ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Have All Been Taken Offline
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TV shows get canceled all the time, but these days, their social media accounts often live on. The 30 Rock Twitter account, which promotes a show that wrapped nearly a decade ago, still posts the same joke every week. Criminal Minds ended its run in 2020, but CBS still has its YouTube account up and running.

So it understandably came as a surprise to Wendy Williams fans that, just a couple of weeks after The Wendy Williams Show aired its final episode, the show’s official presence has effectively been erased from much of the internet. According to People, the show’s YouTube and Instagram accounts have been deleted, as has its official website.

It’s the latest development in the sad saga surrounding Williams’ departure from TV. In 2021, it was announced that the season premiere of Williams’ show would be delayed amid her health issues, including Graves disease. When the show did premier last fall, guest hosts were at the helm, including The View alum Sherri Shepherd. Williams never returned to her show, and it was announced in February that Shepherd would be taking over the time slot with her own show, Sherri, which will be produced by the team behind The Wendy Williams Show and is set to debut in September.

For her part, Williams says that she’s got a new project in the works. In an interview last week, she announced her intention to get back to her roots in radio via a podcast. “Podcasts will make more money for me being famous than doing The Wendy Williams Show,” she told TMZ. “So, podcast. Where will I go? I’m not sure. Europe? France? Wherever I want to go.”

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