The White House Is Making Informercials for Ivanka Trump Now

The White House Is Making Informercials for Ivanka Trump Now
Image: (White House YouTube channel)

Ivanka Trump’s campaign to personally empower every single woman currently alive on this planet through awkward dancing and a series of carefully arranged photo ops continued recently in Colombia, where she met with workers at a women-run strawberry farm. (Ivanka is “deeply inspired” by the farm.)

While her trip through Latin America was mostly noted for a dramatic fashion mishap, the White House is now attempting, in a series of softly lit infomercials released this week, to redirect the conversation back to empowerment. Her goal, she lisps in one of the videos, is to develop “arguably the most undervalued resource in the world, the potential of women, for the benefit of our collective economic growth.”

Love to be an undervalued resource that must be maximized for profit!

You can watch Ivanka attempt to speak through her oversized veneers below:

This was not the only informercial the White House released after Ivanka’s trip to Latin America. Here’s one featuring Ivanka mostly standing awkwardly, set to some inspirational music, with other people who are also standing awkwardly:

What a truly inspiring, highly qualified world leader.

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