The World's Ugliest Color Is Poop Brown


The ugliest color in the world is the color of poo, according to research. Probably true. Look at it.

A study confirmed that this greenish brown hue is the most unsightly color; it is generally associated with “dirty,” “tar,” and “death.”

The research dates back to 2012, when Australian officials commissioned the firm GfK to design cigarette packages using a color that would effectively scare people away. According to House Beautiful (via Metro UK):

Pantone 448 C, also called “opaque couché,” may get a bad rap, but this sewage-tinged hue actually has an important mission. Out of the entire rainbow, experts chose the green-brown shade to discourage smoking. And one look at this swatch will convince you of its habit-breaking abilities.

This poo brown hue was chosen as the worst color imaginable and thus placed on warning labels for cigarettes. Australia called it “olive green,” and then changed the name to “drab dark brown” after a complaint from the Australian Olive Association. And now:

Thanks to Australia and GfK’s colorful breakthrough, other governments are also adopting the shade. Ireland, the United Kingdom, and France recently passed “plain packaging” laws of their own, with mockups featuring the same exact hue.

Brown. Huh. Interesting. This story has been brought to you by The Man.

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