There Is a Lot of Hazing Going On at Ohio University

There Is a Lot of Hazing Going On at Ohio University
Screenshot: (Ohio University Instagram )

Apparently so much hazing is happening at Ohio University that the school has suspended all its fraternities along with five other student organizations.

Though the university says none of the accusations included “actionable criminal activity,” it has failed to list the specifics. However, so many students have complained, officials just shut everyone down:

“The public university received reports of hazing last week against nine fraternities, prompting the school to suspend all 15 of its fraternities, spokesman Carly Leatherwood told ABC News on Friday. ‘It escalated so quickly and there were so many’ people coming forward with allegations,’ Leatherwood said.”

Along with the fraternities, five additional complaints involved three sororities, a business fraternity, and the marching band, which were suspended as well. However, the marching band can still participate in school activities but cannot gather socially, which seems impossible to police. The fraternities that have not been accused of hazing are currently working to be reinstated as the school investigates all allegations.

Meanwhile, there are probably loads of clubs still left to join that do not require humiliating and possibly deadly rituals in order to gain admittance. For example, I was in a French club at my university and the worst conditions of membership were a yearly commitment to baking a great many quiches for our fundraiser and, occasionally, tipsy group renditions of Alouette.

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