They're Making Jonah Hill Play the Riddler in The Batman

They're Making Jonah Hill Play the Riddler in The Batman
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Welcome to Jezebel’s new Friday column for the latest film and TV development news of the week. Fall television has begun in earnest, which should make your life easier. The Good Place is back! Kal Penn is on a TV show called Sunnyside that seems okay! Also, The Masked Singer returned to terrorize everyone, and oh my god, Jonah Hill is going to be in a Batman movie? Many other famous people have signed deals and made moves that will make them more famous. Let’s do this.

Help me, for I do not think that I want to see Jonah Hill in a Batman movie, especially one called “The Batman.” No one listens, and that’s fair, so here we are: Hill is reportedly in talks to play the Riddler in the reboot, which will also star Robert Pattinson as “The Batman.” Rude tweets circulating around this news speculated that maybe he would play the Penguin, but that role belongs to Danny DeVito indefinitely. [IndieWire]

Someone is making a movie about Nicolas Cage as a truffle hunter in search of his stolen truffle pig. Thank you! [Variety]

Oh my, Natalie Portman is playing Lady Thor in an upcoming Thor movie, based around a storyline in the original comics in which the strong man Thor cannot fulfill his duties as hammer-thrower. [People]

Hm, Jaraed Padalecki? Walker, Texas Ranger?! Haven’t heard those names in years… [Variety]

There’s no more Fleabag, but let’s see what else Phoebe Waller-Bridge cooks up in her deal with Amazon!!! [The Wrap]

Oh my god, an anthology TV series based on characters created by Levittown’s prodigal son, Billy Joel?! Sign me up… I think. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Joel Kim Booster, a very funny man, is doing a movie called Trip on my cursed son, Quibi. It will be about “two best friends who set out to have a legendary week-long summer vacation with the help of cheap rosé and a cadre of eclectic friends.” It’s set on Fire Island. Honestly, cannot wait! [Deadline]

The Hot Priest, who is only marginally hot, is playing the talented Mr. Ripley in a series on Showtime. [The Hollywood Reporter]

No more reboots, please, but maybe this Thirtysomething reboot news will thrill you. [Deadline]

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