Things Don't Look Good for Ol' Ellen!!

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Things Don't Look Good for Ol' Ellen!!
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You know how on a group challenge episode of Project Runway when the group did badly, the leader of the group would take responsibility for their overall performance without necessarily taking ownership for every single mistake? Ellen DeGeneres apologized to her staff this week, writing in a letter that she was disappointed to learn that her set was apparently such a toxic, racist place to work at, and, well…her apology was very that.

Well, a couple of celebs who claim to know the truth about the daytime talk show host are not having it! [throws dart at wall of celebrity names] Brad Garrett and [turns crank on thing full of Bingo balls also bearing the names of celebs] Lea Thompson have come forward, alleging that DeGeneres is far from the dutiful though ultimately innocent leader she’s trying to cast herself as.

On Thursday, Garrett, the extraordinarily tall standup comedian of Everybody Loves Raymond fame, logged onto Twitter to call bullshit. “Sorry, but it comes from the top,” he tweeted after seeing a story about Ellen’s apology letter, per Entertainment Weekly. “[I] know more than one [person who was] treated horribly by her.⁩ [It’s] common knowledge.”

Thompson—who apparently starred in a Little Women adaptation set in the present day that I never heard about till just now googling??—chimed in the following day, backing up Garrett’s claims that DeGeneres is way more responsible for the mistreatment her workers experienced on set than she’s letting on. “True story,” the Caroline in the City star tweeted in response to a news item about Garrett’s comments, People reports. “It is.”

If I were to look at all of the claims laid out before me—the workers’, Garrett’s, Thompson’s—I would probably come to the conclusion that Ellen is bad! But that doesn’t mean her show’s going to get canceled. Lots of people who are bad have TV shows. Just look at nearly all men! Besides, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is contracted to run until 2022. Plus, Andy Lassner, one of her executive producers, doesn’t seem too worried. “Nobody is going off the air,” he recently told a concerned fan on Instagram, says Us Weekly.

Still, Ellen’s show might not be going anywhere any time soon, but her brand as a friendly, kind, lady whose only moral failing is that she sucks at dancing yet insists on dancing? That might be donezo.

The rumors that Jessica Biel gave birth to her second child with Justin Timberlake following a “super-secret pregnancy” are true! At least that’s what Brian McKnight told Hollywood Life on Friday.

“He just had a new baby,” the singer told the outlet. “I think that’s going to be really inspiring for him, and he’ll have some new music based on that, I’m sure.”

Given that McKnight is apparently a close friend of the couple, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Timberbiel are fine with him confirming the news on their behalf? Giving Hollywood Life the exclusive, though… That just boggles the mind.

According to Bossip, Toni Braxton likes to use a vibrator on her face. I’m gonna stick with my pussy, but that’s valid, babes!

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