This Deceased ISIS Member Looks a Lot Like Drake, So I'm Asking Myself Some Hard Questions


One more for the Jezebel ethics board, involving the fact that I love Drake. I love him so much. My boyfriend has said I’m allowed to kiss him if I ever get the chance. But let’s be real! That’s never going to happen, and I know this because I’m not fucking insane.

But what if there was someone who looked kind of like Drake and would probably be a lot easier to get in contact with. Could we fuck? Would that be okay?

At the end of September, ISIS released two photos of two attacks on a Jordanian hospital, along with photos of the two suicide bombers who carried out the attacks (BuzzFeed confirmed that the above photos are legit).

This week, Twitter user @SayWallah pointed out that top-leftie looks a lot like my nighttime husband.

And everyone agreed.

I know what you’re thinking: He’s dead! He’s not a good candidate for a date or for a sexual fling. And you’re right. I’m not interested in pieces of exploded body. Nor am I particularly interested in someone who wouldn’t like me for my Judaism. Nor am I down with a guy who definitely hates women and would blow up a hospital. Nor do I think he would be that down with me.

The point is, Peeple, that Drake is not the only person in the world that looks like Drake. And that is the most wonderful Hanukkah gift I could ask for.

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