This Girl Is On Something, Right?


On last night’s premiere of I Love Money 2, one girl seemed…loopy. She became so unhinged that she freaked out on the camera crew, screaming at them about how they exploit “stupid fucking idiots.”

You may remember Tamara from the first season of Rock of Love. (She was the contestant who stood out to Bret because she wasn’t “all there.” She also walked out the wrong door when she was eliminated.) I also ran into her (scroll down) at the AVN Awards, the Oscars of porno, last year. I was unable to ask her why she there because she was so wasted that she couldn’t really walk. There was no explanation as to why she was there, but on I Love Money 2, she was screaming about the fact that she is so above everyone else because she’s been in 50 magazines. So maybe they were porn mags? Whatever the case, she definitely seemed to be out of it.

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