This! Is! Us!


Fans are still not done sobbing over the first season of This Is Us, nor its apparently dramatic ending. It’s clear this show isn’t going anywhere.

And so, there’s already a promo video for season 2, which premiered at NBC’s upfront presentation on Monday, and it’s as treacly as the series itself, complete with a signature “emotional twist.” The twist is that, after a narration about the “overwhelming response” to Season 1, the cast surprises This Is Us fanatics featured in the video. (This is them.) “It is literally the highlight of my week,” one fan says of the show. “I know I’m going to cry. I know I’m going to learn something more about myself and my family.”

Another fan tears up after saying he found out the name of his biological dad as he was watching the show, which is sad because there’s a character (played by Sterling K. Brown) who meets his biological dad. Everyone in this video cries. The fans cry. The cast cries. You? I have not watched one minute of This Is Us and it’s somehow broken my heart. My heart is broken.

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