This Mashup of Royal Media Coverage Is Terrifying


The Royal Baby is King or Queen of a lot of things: obviously, the future King or Queen of England, but also Ruler of the Womb and, it probably goes without saying, #1 Top Regent of the Unsolicited Uterus Update.

And what a long, strange trip it’s been: the world has stared at, scrutinized, and speculated about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy for what feels like a millennium now. ABC’s Jon Williams has called it “the most anticipated birth since the dawn of Twitter.” Rabidly agreeing with this claim, the media has obsessively compared Kate’s pregnancy to other famous pregnancies, lauded her maternity fashion choices, camped outside of her hotel room for days on end, and uttered the phrase “baby bump” a truly unsettling amount of times. And now, as humanity mills about, grumbling “where is Royal Baby” to itself, let’s take a moment to reflect.

Watch this visual aid, via the Huffington Post, and marvel at our endless capacity for pregnancy voyeurism. If you’re in a place where you can’t listen to the audio, just imagine a lot of people in blazers repeatedly yelling, “ROYAL BABY! PREGNANT! MORNING SICKNESS! Hy-hypereme..sis… gravidarum? EXPECTING! BUMP! ALL EYES ON KATE!” and that should suffice.

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