This Reluctant Vine Star Is the Internet Viral Hero That We Need


Hi, everyone. Meet Tish.

Two days ago, Will Sansom, Gawker Media’s office manager, sent me a Vine of hers that was quickly gaining traction online. To set the 7-second scene, Tish — an 18 year old from Huddersfield, United Kingdom — is in her mum’s car. Her mum wants her out of the car. Tension ensues. #Broombroom

Since Tuesday, I have watched this Vine approximately 1,000 times. I have also watched all of Tish’s other videos and enjoyed them almost as much, although nothing quite beats “In muh mum’s car” because — like they say — you never forget your first. True for love-making, true for the Vines of West Yorkshire teens.

She’s not just the best at video. She’s also the best at Twitter.

I’ll swear on anything that you want me to that I am not here to mock Tish. I genuinely think she’s very funny. I want all the best things in the world for her. I want her to come to the Gawker Media holiday party. I want her star to burn in the sky forever.

I’m not the only one to think so, but, unfortunately, she’s reluctant to embrace her celebrity:

She’s also threatened to stop making Vines a few times, but I’m hoping that’s just a ploy to get her Team Tish hashtag going stronger. Comb through her Twitter mentions and you’ll find far more supporters than haters.

This is anti-comedy at its finest. Better than anything Tim & Eric or Andy Kaufman or any Adult Swim show could ever hope to produce. #TeamTish now. #TeamTish forever. Amen.

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