This Vera Wang Video Is More Like American Horror Story: Weddings


Vera Wang, a name long associated with classic wedding gowns, decided to do something a little different to promote her spring 2015 collection. Hence this very strange video, which is what you’d get if you hired Wednesday Addams to be your wedding videographer.

The video is mesmerizing. But it evokes tonight’s blood moon more than anything traditionally considered “bridal.” One bride plucks the petals off a black rose. Then, the black rose is on fire. At one point the brides (all of their eyebrows are bleached) are lolling on the floor, covered in black rose petals, presumably overcome with the terrible ennui of life as the young lady wife of an eccentric Victorian viscount who fancies himself an occultist.

Much of the video is footage of the models wandering a lonely, barren wood in poorly displayed wedding gowns. Why are they lost in the woods? What terrible apocalypse drained the world of its color? Has Vera Wang been possessed by the spirit of a dead pre-raphaelite? No one knows. There are no grooms—instead, we get the lingering touches between ladies that the fashion world so often trots out to seem edgy.

The backing track freaked out my cat. Witches: so hot right now.

According to Wang’s press release (via the Huffington Post):

“The opportunity to create a visual and expressive experience of the clothes, as interpreted by my fashion vision, is a whole new way for me to communicate with not only brides, but women everywhere,” she said. “In this instance, bridal becomes the artistic vehicle to advance my love of fashion in general. I hope you will enjoy this new experience.”

If Vera Wang tries to lure you into an ancient circle of standing stones, RUN.

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