This Week in Meghan McCain Brings Us a Return to Love for Marianne Williamson and David Spade


“Please hit me with so much crazy. I love her for how insane I think she is,” Meghan McCain said of her “dark crystal red witch princess” Marianne Williamson on The View on Wednesday. I guess that makes McCain my Marianne Williamson. Let’s see what crazy my dark conservative red state princess hit us with this week!

After guest co-host Ana Navarro brought up the Russian media’s apparent interest in Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, McCain for some reason started talking about how it was absurd to think a member of the McCain family would be associated with Russian politics. (Navarro asked, rightly, why are you making this about you?)

However the craziest thing McCain said this week, by far, was that she once had a crush on David Spade. You can do better than that, Meghan!

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