Those Famous Subway Kittens Are Now Available for a Home Near You


The foolish kittens who got lost on the New York City subway tracks in August during a trip to the Natural History Museum they’d been planning for months are now officially old enough to be adopted.

Be warned: The line for Arthur and August will be long. As of Friday, 40 people had looked into the cats, reports WNYC – and that was before the weekend, the time when lonely singles return to their lonely homes and think, “Man, if only I had a cat, things would be so much less lonely for me here.” If you’d like to adopt the Subway Kittens — they’ve probably got a 1% acceptance rate, be warned — and spend your life referring to how you have to go home and feed your “Subway Kittens” (“Oh yes, they are the original Subway Kittens”) instead of lying and saying you have to wash your hair, contact Animal Care & Control at [email protected]. As an obvious reminder, if they’ve been snatched up by a quicker and more cat-serious candidate, the shelter says “there are currently many other kittens and older cats who need loving homes.” Don’t be cat ageist y’all.

Subway Kittens Ready for Forever Home [WNYC]

Image via NYAC&C

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