Tilda Returns As Face Of Pringle; Terry Richardson Says Sex Is Like A Drug

  • Ryan McGinley shot Tilda Swinton again for Pringle‘s fall campaign, with artist Douglas Gordon joining the actress. It was so cold during the shoot, at a castle, that Swinton had to stuff two hot water bottles under her clothes. [WWD]
  • Tim Gunn told a newspaper in Ohio that Project Runway needs to “really change things up.” We think this season is a snoozefest, too. (Sorry, Tim! We still love you, but we’re glad you’re aware of the problem.) [CBS]
    “I love the Jersey Shore. It’s great,” says Simon Doonan. “I met Vinny and Pauly D at a party, and [my husband Jonathan Adler] and I were so excited to meet them that I think we scared them to death, ’cause we were just fizzing and squealing like demented fans.” Doonan explained that he had written about Jersey Shore in his Observer column, but they had never heard of the Observer. [The Cut]
  • Also at Derek Blasberg‘s book party: his parents, Bill and Carol, who flew in from St. Louis. [WWD]
  • Just two short months ago, Elle publisher Carol Smith was on the cover of The Daily proclaiming that she had worn a bob longer than Anna Wintour. (That wasn’t entirely true.) Now, she has taken a slight demotion to a VP/Publisher gig — at Condé Nast. She will report to Tom Florio, Vogue‘s publisher. This is interpreted to mean that she wants to be in line to replace Florio, one day. [DFR]
  • Meanwhile, Elle editor Robbie Myers was filming an episode of Martha Stewart. [DFR]
  • Nike has begun airing the first in what will apparently be a series of ads that refer ever less-obliquely to Tiger Woods‘ big, barebacking mess of a sexting, texting, fucking-around-on-his-wife scandal. In the just-released ad, a morose-looking Woods, shot in black and white, stares into the camera while his dead father’s disembodied voice intones, “I want to find out what your thinking was; I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything.” (The words were from previously recorded interviews.) In the next ad, Tiger will be shown teeing off while a babble of “controversial opinions about his personal life” play, until one voice says, “Tiger just needs to get back to golf.” And…scene. [WSJ]
  • Karlie Kloss is returning for the Dior fall campaign. [Fashionologie]
  • “I’ve never gotten any gym action. Actually, that’s not true, years ago i did. I would talk to this girl all the time and then asked for her number. Later, we hung out and ended up going to her place, and were fooling around and I realized her body was a mess, she didn’t work out. I asked her ‘What’s up, you work at the gym, don’t you work out,’ and she was like, ‘I work at the gym but I don’t exercise.’ There is nothing wrong with not exercising but i was a little disappointed, it’s like false advertising.” Terry Richardson, ladies and gentlemen. He also says that once he got sober, sex “became like a drug” but denies being a sex addict. So maybe just a casual user then? [The Cut]
  • The New York Times names Paper editor Kim Hastreiter “the coolest person in New York.” Not sure that’s their bailiwick, but, okay! [NYTimes]
  • Who knew Mickey Boardman was into royal memorabilia? [Inside Source]
  • Alexa Chung and Henry Holland spoof a famous Claudia Schiffer/Naomi Campbell ad to tease their new Channel 4 TV show, which will cover fashion. [Vogue UK]
  • “My husband is retiring at the end of the year and wants know where to give away gently used suits. These are nice, designer suits and he wants to make sure someone deserving gets some good use out of them.” We think the only correct answer to M.K. of Sleep Hollow’s query is, “Get over yourself, you hideous snob, and donate them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. People deserving of “nice” suits also shop there and they’ll even pick it up,” but Teri Agins, as is her wont, is far more tolerant. [WSJ]
  • Just like Elle Woods, Zac Posen got a Coppola (Gia) to shoot his Target collection ad. The Like plays. [Style.com]
  • Someone who was on America’s Next Top Model, doing something! Analeigh Tipton, who came third on Cycle 11, is set to co-star in a movie alongside Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. She’ll play Carell’s babysitter. [Variety]
  • When we lived in Washington Heights, we used to jokingly refer to it to our Brooklynite/downtown friends as “way up there, in the Arctic Circle.” It’s somehow slightly less cute for Waris Ahluwalia to refer to a townhouse on East 81st as “up in the mountains, upstate.” [NYTimes]
  • Fascinating interview with digital fashion pioneer James Gardner, of Createthe Group. [Fashionista]
  • One way in which online media will never replicate print: 3-D. Paper editorials can have it! But over-reliance would get gimmicky. [Refinery29]
  • LVMH has created a hotel management division. The company is already at work building two — luxury, natch — hotels in Egypt and Oman. [WWD]
  • Probably because shopping for a wedding dress the traditional way — going to a bridal salon, dealing with being measured, picking a dress six months ahead of time, paying the absurd markup, then making further alterations — is a hassle and a great expense, more chain stores are offering bridal wear. J. Crew has since 2004, and its dresses range from $295-$2,995; Ann Taylor just launched a bridal collection with dresses under $500, and Anthropologie will add wedding gowns to its repertoire next February. Interestingly, a lot of brides are buying these relatively cheap gowns online. [WSJ]
  • Denim brand April77, which sold its wares at Barneys New York and Oak, has gone out of business. [WWD]
  • March same-store sales at Abercrombie & Fitch rose just 5% on last year’s numbers for the period, confounding analysts’ expectations. [TS]
  • H&M‘s same-store sales in the first quarter rose only 2%. [AP]
  • Uniqlo‘s profits, however, rose an astounding 55.7% in the six months ended January 28. [WSJ]
  • And, so as not to let you go gentle in this good morning: Here are all the images from Lindsay Lohan‘s 6126 clothing line lookbook. Enjoy. [Instyle]
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