Tim Gunn Hates On Pretty Much Everyone, From Suri To The Salahis


Continuing his “Fuck You” tour in support of his new book, the Project Runway mentor stopped by Access Hollywood yesterday to shit-talk Suri Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, and the Salahis (who were listening in on a live feed).

It was very Jerry Springer of AH—during its live show last night—to have the Salahis listening in, remotely, to Gunn’s statements. But he said he didn’t mind if they heard what he had to say, and went on to call them “sociopaths [who] believe their own lies,” and doubts Michaele’s recent claims—via the couple’s tell-all book—that she has multiple sclerosis, saying he wants “a doctor’s note.”

Gunn also took aim at Lindsay Lohan’s disastrous attempt at being the fashion director of Ungaro, saying, “Mr. Ungaro is dead and God knows he must have been rolling over in his grave, but I thought, this is one of the last couture houses left in this entire world. Lindsay Lohan is the creative director? How absurd is that!” He adds, “It would be like asking, I don’t know, like, asking Suri Cruise to pilot a fighter jet.”

And speaking of Suri, Gunn also has something to say about the mini fashion icon: “Suri is, she’s her mother and father’s dress up doll and I feel in many ways she’s a fashion victim and it’s just very inappropriate.”

Up next is Taylor Momsen, whom Gunn found “repugnant” when working with her on an episode of Gossip Girl. “She seemed like the unhappiest kid in the world [and] was sleep walking through the entire thing. I thought…you’re acting like a little spoiled sour puss.”

And then there’s Lady Gaga. Gunn assessed her already infamous meat dress at the VMAs, “Well, it’s not fashion, it’s a costume.” He adds, “I think that this way of presenting herself is going to grow tired and stale eventually, and if it’s about shock value, what’s next?” We’d actually like to know what’s next—or rather who’s next—on the list for Gunn.

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