Tim Gunn To Make It Work At The Oscars

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  • OMG! Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn will host the red-carpet arrivals at the official Academy Awards pre-show? Genius. Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts and Entertainment Weekly‘s Jess Cagle will join him. Excellent. Carry on! [Variety]
  • Prince is having an late-night Oscar bash, and Prince has decided that Prince will perform. [Yahoo News via E!]
  • Oh dear: An L.A. woman has filed a $4 billion class action lawsuit against Miley Cyrus, claiming the Disney teen knowingly mocked Asians in a recent photo. Shit, meet fan. [TMZ]
  • Margaret Cho thinks Miley Cyrus is “a disgrace.” [Perez]
  • Did you see Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman last night? You’ll find what happened in the dictionary under “trainwreck.” (Or at the link here.) [Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood]
  • Post-steroid-scandal, Alex Rodriguez “ran right home to [wife] Cynthia,” which has pissed off Madonna. She’s telling A-Rod that her dalliance with Jesus Luz is just a publicity stunt; Rodriguez says he needs to salvage his career. According to this piece, “Now that he’s unable to focus all his attention on Madonna, she only wants him more.” [Gatecrasher]
  • Holy crap: Michael Jackson has some kind of MRSA-type skin infection, like a flesh-eating virus or a staph infection, and it is sad and horrifying. Plus, from the looks of this picture, it hurts. [The Sun]
  • Prince Harry has been formally disciplined after being caught on video calling a fellow soldier a racial slur. He will attend an equality and diversity course, and the incident will go on his permanent record. [Mirror, Guardian]
  • What is the deal with George Clooney and Benazir Bhutto‘s 26-year-old niece, Fatima? Pakistan is “besotted” by their “affair.” [Independent]
  • Clooney’s rep says the rumor that Clooney is dating Fatima is false. [WowOwow]
  • Lily Allen had a “secret show” last night in New York, and in addition to material from her new album — the bouncy “Fuck You” and stuff from her old CD (“Smile”) she covered Britney’s “Womanizer.” While singing about blow jobs, she “gulped wine” on stage. [Rolling Stone]
  • Nicolette Sheridan is packing up her stuff and leaving Wisteria Lane; she will no longer be on Desperate Housewives. [Extra]
  • Mary-Kate Olsen looks high fashion freaky in her pictures for the March issue of Interview; she tells the mag about differentiating herself from her sister: “We’ve always been very different. And we’ve always had the same goals… At a certain point, we probably just started to vocalize it. When we decided to go to college, we figured we’d be able to take a break and just figure out what we wanted to do and what we loved… just by being able to step away from the work world.” [ONTD]
  • Queen Latifah was on a bus tour of Newark, N.J. yesterday to promote options that will help homeowners avoid foreclosures. [UPI]
  • Had Rihanna been working on a song about murdering a cheating partner before she was attacked by Chris Brown? [The Sun]
  • Chris Brown is currently holed up at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. [Yahoo News via E!]
  • Except that this report says Chris Brown and Rhianna are both in L.A. Oh, and don’t click this link unless you want to read a whole lot of bullshit speculation about how Rihanna maybe hit Chris first and “Lamborghini’s [sic] have small cabins that are hard to maneuver in. Brown, who would have been driving, could have used his teeth as a weapon to defend himself against Rihanna’s flailing.” [Fox 411]
  • Sigh, there is a delay in the Chris Brown case. The D.A spokesperson says: “It’s our understanding the LAPD won’t return the case to us this week. Once we get it, we will review it again to determine if there’s a case.” Wait, what? [People]
  • Here’s a better explanation of whether Chris should be charged with criminal threats or the lesser charge of domestic battery. [TMZ]
  • Cops will reinterview Chris Brown and Rihanna again soon. [NY Daily News]
  • Chris Brown’s wardrobe stylist says: “Chris is all right. He’s a good kid. He feels very bad that something like this has happened.” Ugh! Passive talk. He feels bad “something happened” or he feels bad about what he did? [People]
  • Leona Lewis denies involvement in the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. [Daily Mail]
  • When asked by paparazzi about Chris Brown, Terrence Howard said: “Chris is a great guy. He’ll be all right.” Now he says: “When they asked me about Chris Brown the other day, I was in no way aware of what he had been accused of. Had I known, I would have never had said something so insensitive.” Seriously dude? Put down the baby wipes and pick up a newspaper or something. [E!]
  • Clive Owen continues to promote his film and charm the underpants off of us. [CBS News]
  • Drew Barrymore says Adam Sandler was her favorite on-screen kiss. “It was really innocent and unsalacious.” [Mirror]
  • Whoa: Nicolas Sarkozy proposed to Carla Bruni within two hours of meeting her. [Daily Mail]
  • Groan: Sports Illustrated cover moddle Bar Refaeli ate cheeseburgers and ice cream before her shoot and did not work out. [Gatecrasher]
  • Will Sean Penn be in a Three Stooges biopic? [Page Six]
  • Balthazar Getty‘s exit from Brothers & Sisters will be “shocking.” Spoilers all there if you click the link. [E!]
  • Sam Shepard pled guilty to DUI and speeding from that bust last month in Illinois — he had a .175 blood alcohol level. Drunkety drunk drunk drunk. [TMZ]
  • Kate Hudson has a stripper pole in her bathroom and a spy says: “She’s so proud of it. She was laughing and giddy like a kid when the thing was installed! She holds on with both her arms and flips her legs into the air. It’s kind of amazing and totally sexy.” [MSNBC Scoop]
  • Joe Francis is no longer on house arrest. He’s free to go wild. [TMZ]
  • Steven Seagal wants Costa Rica to have a filmmaking industry. “Costa Rica has everything — both rain forest and dry climate. What it lacks is an infrastructure to make movies,” he said in a news conference. Send us plane tickets and let us judge for ourselves! [Reuters]
  • Akon has a Chevron gas station in his backyard. [The Life Files]
  • Blind item! “Which pro athlete’s actress-girlfriend is going to be less than pleased when she discovers he’s sleeping with college girls on the side?” [Gatecrasher]
  • “Any actor who starts taking ‘sex symbol’ seriously or thinks of themselves as a sex symbol has got some serious problems. When I’m in my normal life I care very little about how I look. Sometimes I have to dress up when I’m making movies, but that’s not me when I’m just hanging around. I don’t mind looking like I need a good wash and a good meal. There’s no vanity about my character and I think that’s real. His absolute obsessive passion is trying to bring a bank down. He doesn’t care how he looks. So I just stopped shaving and left it to the make-up people to make sure I looked bad in every scene.” — Clive Owen. [Mirror]
  • “I had to be chained to the ceiling with a hood over my head, in my boxer shorts, being hosed down by a soldier, with cold air fans blowing on me. I wouldn’t recommend being tortured by Samuel L Jackson. He seems to enjoy it a little too much.” — Michael Sheen, who filmed Unthinkable with Jackson. [Telegraph]
  • “She’s so different from me. She’s so focused on the outside. She just loves clothes and she just loves life, and she wants to make the world more beautiful. How often do you read a comedy script with a woman in the lead, and she’s actually a flawed, deluded character? And I was able to do physical comedy. It was a dream role.” — Isla Fisher on Rebecca Bloomwood, her Shopaholic character. [USA Today]
  • “The people who are the most beautiful are those who do what they love to do – who have love in their lives, and laugh a lot, go to good movies, read good books, and have great sex. A guy who’s a chauvinist I’m not interested in. Any good man knows women are much smarter than men.” — Carla Gugino, to Women’s Health. [People]
  • “We very rarely talk but when we do, it sure makes me laugh. She’s one of the funniest ladies I know and I hold huge amounts of love and respect for her. She’s my big sister. Things were wild during the years I was with her in the band and she’s one of the wildest creatures I’ve ever met, but I have my own personal perception of her. There’s nobody else like her. I feel like there should be a review of the great stuff that Hole and Courtney put out there. I would support that because I feel it’s important to pass on to women of future generations.” — Melissa Auf der Maur on Courtney Love. [ONTD via Spinner]
  • “When you look at someone like Jessica [Simpson], I don’t know if she gained weight, but it’s all I’ve heard about. I’m looking for someone with a great voice, but if someone is 50 pounds overweight, I have to tell them the reality – that it might hold them back.” — American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi. [MSNBC]
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