Tina Fey to Fey All Over Your TV Once Again


For the two people in the media who loved 30 Rock, news that Tina Fey and her co-showrunner Robert Carlock are heading to NBC with a new show is the best thing they’ll hear all week. Deadline reports that Fey is producing “an untitled comedy from 30 Rock writer-producer Colleen McGuinness” which is “said to be in the vein of Cheers.”

The show is reportedly “a character-driven workplace comedy where a young woman in search of reconnecting with her father finds a new home and family on Fire Island.” So she works at a club in…the Fire Island Pines? Please God say yes.

And in good news for people who liked Don’t Trust the B…: Creator Nahnatchka Khan has a new comedy at ABC called Fresh off the Boat based off of the memoir by the same name, about a Chinese family living in Orlando, Florida. Says Deadline: “This is a setup Khan can relate to as she too is a first-generation American whose parents were ‘fresh off the boat.'” Good sentence.

Image via Mike Coppola/Getty

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