Tina Knowles Kindly Tells Paparazzi to Have Some Goddamn Class


Tina Knowles is not about to wild out on a paparazzo in public, but she will kindly advise one to leave their family the fuck alone, like she did on Tuesday.

The supreme Mama Tina was dining out with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy in Santa Monica, according to reports, when paparazzi dared photograph/film little Blue enjoying a meal.

Tina had a few words with one of them (watch the full video here) and managed to keep her inside voice in the process, per etiquette class. Their exchange:

Tina: You know that’s not cool. It’s illegal. You can’t film a baby.
Pap: Ma’am, I’m just out here taking pictures.
Tina: Okay, well, can you not take a picture of a child?
Pap: Well, I mean you’re famous…
Tina: Okay, but you can’t— How would you like for somebody to take a picture of your baby?
Pap: If I was a famous, huge multimillionaire—
Tina: No, you wouldn’t care. That’s a baby. That’s a baby. Have some class about you. Have a little class and a little consideration.
Pap: Okay.

How much longer can the Knowles-Carter family stand these invasive L.A. paps? Come on back to New York. Come on… back.

Here’s a still of Tina Knowles demonstrating how she has more class in her pinky finger (see below) than all of L.A. and N.Y. put together:

Images via Getty/screenshot

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