Today In Tips: More Fast Food Rage & Gender Myths


Every afternoon we round up the best stories submitted over at the #tips page. Thursday’s edition includes an angry McDonald’s customer and Felicia Day’s response to being labeled a “Twilebrity.”

  • jcb820 submitted an article from the Huffington Post about a woman who flew into a rage at a Missouri McDonald’s after employees refused to give her a refund for her hamburger. Police have released a tape of her pitching a bucket of water at the poor employee and shouting insults. It’s a lot less funny when you actually see the damage.
  • My high school French skills are long lost, so I’m just going to take dridirtitini‘s word that this translates to “Celebrities: the handsome stars who prefer ugly women.” The list includes celebrity couples like Hugh Laurie and Jo Green Laurie and Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee Furness and once and for all proves that the French are just as obnoxious as we are.
  • Commenter fabulousrobots alerted us to an interesting post on Felicia Day’s blog, in which she responds to the obnoxious Vanity Fair piece on Twittering women. “I can’t tell you how many hours I had to resist rage Tweeting about this subject,” she writes. “The use of inane Twitter lingo like ‘Twilebrity’, ‘Tweeple’ and ‘Twitformation Superhighway’ (Oh God please stop) just signaled that the writer obviously wasn’t well-researched about the service, or the internet in general, really… But what really ENRAGED me what the general tone, which artfully made intelligent, articulate women sound vapid and superficial.” Exactly.
  • special_boots writes: “From the Department of I’m Pretty Sure We Knew That Already, Thanks: A new study shows little difference in the mathematical achievement of males and females.” Furthermore, what difference there is can often be explained by the “status and welfare of women.” Take that, Larry Summers.

Have a good tip? We’d love to hear about it, via our tips tagpage. You can add a tip by entering a comment into the bar at the top of the page (“Let your fingers do the talking”) and ending with the hashtag #tips. Reminder: We appreciate all tips, but do make sure to leave more than just a link. As with all comments, the best tips are those that get into detail and display thought, reflection, and wit.

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