Touchy-Feely Fashion At Emmy Event


To the layman, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Performers Peer Group Emmy reception” at Beverly Hills’ Chakra sounds like an awful college seminar. No idea how it feels to non-laymen. Hopefully the stars who attended had fashion breakthroughs.

I am really sweating actress Lupe Ontiveros‘ necklace, just saying.

Why is Chris Colfer here? We don’t question it, when just seeing his dapper self puts a smile on our faces.

Julia Nickson sports an endangered species: the true LBD.

Julia Ormond‘s Sabrina was kind of awful, yet I think about it at least once a week. And let’s face it, she looks much better in what is essentially an enormous T-shirt than anyone has a right to.

Kyra Sedgwick is wearing something I have only seen the like of, heretofore, on Orthodox women in Los Angeles.

Here is what the charitable can say for Martin Kove and Michelle Tabb, sartorially-speaking: they coordinate.

Hey remember on Felicity when Julie would wear those skin-tight, patterned see-through shirts all the time, because she was sensitive and a singer-songwriter? Yeah, so does singer Laura Bryna

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