Tracy Reese Rushing to Get Michelle Obama's DNC Dress in Stores


Designer Tracy Reese was to Today this morning, talking about how thrilled she was to find out that Michelle Obama had chosen to wear her dress at the DNC on Tuesday night. “We were warned there was a possibility, but they weren’t sure until the last minute,” Reese told Natalie Morales. “We were all crowded around and listening to every minute. It was such an amazing night.”

While the dress was custom-made for FLOTUS, don’t worry — mere mortals will be able to buy a version eventually. “It was something that we are planning for later so we are trying to rush it through the cycle so more people can get their hands on it sooner,” Reese explained. She promised the frock would be under $500. Then all you’ll need to get the look is a grayish manicure, some killer biceps, and an impassioned speech.


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