True Love Means $26,000 In Ransom Money


A Spanish woman who faked her own kidnapping told police that she wanted “to find out what her husband would be willing to do for her.”

The oddness took place in Madrid, where a guy received a ransom text demanding the money and including photos of his wife, bound. He was instructed, of course, not to go to the cops. He did. And they found her in a mall, “in perfect health.” She’s been detained by police, although it’s unclear what her punishment will be. In 2008, a woman was sentenced to three-year-a-half years for extortion; but she’d faked her children’s kidnapping seven times. In any event, the woman in this case doesn’t appear to have been merely after money; as she told police, it was instead a test of her husband’s devotion. Whatever happens, we hope counseling will be involved.

Spanish Woman Fakes Kidnapping To Test Husband: Police

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