UK Might Allow Teens to Erase Their Embarrassing Internet Content


Teenagers are often told to not put anything online unless they want it there forever, but a new campaign in the U.K. is pressuring tech companies to allow young people to delete or edit content that they put on the internet before their 18th birthday. You hear that, teens? The internet is yours!

Time reports:

Government officials have promised to persuade technology companies to allow 18-year-olds to delete or edit all content they created when they were younger. But, there are no plans to follow California’s Erasure Law, which compels companies to give minors the option to delete user activity.
The iRights Campaign highlights the issues surrounding the way the internet permanently records errors of judgement and immature attitudes, which negatively impacts the lives of of those posting it.

So upload those embarrassing party photos! Record yourself making fun of 9/11 on Vine! GO FORTH, YOUTHS. BE TERRIBLE. Until your 18th birthday (or until someone caches, screengrabs, or downloads your content), the world wide web is your oyster! (But only if you live in the United Kingdom… and only if the tech companies agree.)

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