University of Iowa's Alpha Phi Sings a Song About Anal Sex and Binge Drinking


A month after University of Alabama’s chapter of Alpha Phi got blasted for releasing a highly produced recruitment video starring a lot of blonde white women, the sorority’s University of Iowa Delta Epsilon chapter is getting attention for a recruitment song set to a compilation of rap tunes with references to fun activities like anal sex and drinking.

The video was sent to Total Frat Move, and it’s received almost 100,000 views in the two days since it’s been posted. In it, the women identify themselves as Alpha Phi sophomores, and as the University of Iowa’s Daily Iowan reports, are singing their version of popular tracks like “Trap Queen,” “Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae” and “In Da Club” while on the front porch of their sorority house, referred to in Iowa City as “‘the dollhouse’” for its toy-like aesthetic.” It appears to have been recorded on Monday, which was Bid Day.

The lyrics are not particularly clear, and the video is very blurry, but the women include phrases suggesting another sorority “Take your flowered skirts, shove them up your ass hole” and reference someone “getting dirty money screwing Sig Nus.” They go on to claim that “all the frats they know us” and “all the bouncers know us,” and gleefully chant about their new recruits: “We just got our babies and they’re hotter than yours.”

“Watch me chug, watch me shotgun, watch me chug, chug, now watch me black out,” they sing/scream at one point. It’s a sharp contrast to the recruitment video the women released two days earlier, an homage to the introduction to the movie Legally Blonde, which was famously set to the song “Perfect Day” by Hoku, as is this one.

That video, at least, was well-received—the chapter retweeted this Total Sorority Move post about it on their Twitter.

“This video is not reflective of the University of Iowa’s expectations for student organizations on campus and does not represent our fraternity and sorority community as a whole,” the college said in a statement. “The Division of Student Life is looking into the incident and will work with staff from Alpha Phi headquarters to respond appropriately to this disappointing behavior.” Alpha Phi’s nationals have not commented.

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