Vanity Fair's Oscar Party: The Good


It’s totally demode to do just one look on Oscar night! The ceremony’s only half the deal; at VF‘s annual shindig, it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. And plenty of stars skip the ceremony — but everyone goes to Vanity Fair.

Georgina Chapman dressed half the red carpet; no wonder her own Marchesa had to be a show-stopper.

Olivia Wilde’s take on the neutral trend managed to be both modern and romantic.

From pure romance on the red carpet, Amanda Seyfried does fresh, young seafoam!

Shocker, that: Hamm and Westfeldt look simply perfect.

Anjelica Huston has her easy elegance so down.

Leslie Mann has fun, looks cool, and has a place to stick her lipstick.

Jane Fonda does Carolina Herrera-style classic.

There was still serious commitment to Sparkle Motion. Take Patricia Clarkson’s roaring shift.

Cameron Diaz’s mini is a kickier take on her red carpet glam.

Stacey Dash’s webs, a treat for all but the arachnophobic.

Loving Marisa Tomei’s confident disco-chic.

Representing pure, bombshell glam: Kate Beckinsale.

And Julianne Moore!

In the “going-all-out” camp, we have an exuberant Angie Harmon…

And Serena Williams – who likes it with a twist.

There was plenty of glorious, saturated color at the afterparty. Diane Kruger switched from black-and-white to playful red.

Kate Bosworth did ruby romance.

Gabrielle Union steals the show in bold marigold.

Emma Roberts goes sexier than usual, but still demure and youthful.

Also in royal – and one of the best looks she’s ever sported – Jennifer Hudson.

And Amy Adams and baby are both stunning in this simple silhouette.

Rosario Dawson balances a bold shade with classic lines.

Of course, there was plenty of not-so-basic black: the long, like Emma Stone’s…

Kat Dennings’…

Christine Taylor’s…

…and Faith Hill’s.

Jodie Foster did LBD.

Anna Paquin was all about the accessories.

And Natalie Portman did a simple, dusky mini.

In the pure, retro awesome category, we have the perma-Glam Barbara Davis!

The Aldrins always dress for the occasion.

And you can take the gal out of Dynasty

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