Vegas Smacks Down Dude's Crusade Against Ladies' Nights


Steve Horner, a 62 year old retired talk show host and motivational speaker, has become notorious in the past couple years for his mission to end gender-based discounts, specifically Ladies’ Nights at bars and clubs. He believes they’re unconstitutional. After filing complaints in Colorado and Minnesota, Horner recently set his sights on the mecca of free-for-the-laaaadies partying: Las Vegas. The retiree attempted to get into luxury casino pool parties offering discounted entry for women without paying — you can imagine how that went over — and he went so far as to equip himself with a video camera so he could capture evidence of his rejection (i.e., bouncers laughing at him).

Fortunately for women who want to attend their bikini bashes for free, Horner’s efforts have been in vain. The Nevada Equal Rights Commission’s has passed an amendment specifically approving gender-based discounts; it will take effect in October and essentially throw out all of Horner’s cases.

Despite the ACLU claiming his cause “doesn’t rise to the level of a constitutional injustice,” Horner marches on. He has filed six $2,000 claims against the casinos hosting the pool parties as well as written the governor (to no avail) and appealed to the Nevada ACLU who say his complaints are basically dead in the water.

It’s unclear what led to the hatred of ladies night, but when asked a few years back why he doesn’t just go to another bar, Horner compared himself to Rosa Parks (“Why didn’t she just get up and get on another bus?”). That’s a stretch, dude.

But if you’re going to hold a gun to our heads and make us think fairly about it, Ladies Nights are all about discounted entry and/or drinks for women only. So no, that’s not “equal.” You’re right, Steve. But after centuries of oppression, we deserve a couple of buybacks. And if we really want to make things fair, how about we stop trying to end long-established drinking traditions and instead try to expand them — Manly Mondays, anyone? There you go. And now you don’t have to blow out our candle just to make yours burn brighter.

Man’s Crusade Against Ladies’ Nights Will Continue After New Law [Las Vegas Sun]

Image via Vacant Fever’s Flickr.

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