Vice Media Sued For Pay Discrimination Against Women


Vice Media has already been exposed for creating a hostile work environment in which employees were sexually harassed, bullied, and made to sign NDAs preventing them from speaking about the culture there. Several men high up in the company were fired after investigations into sexual harassment at the company. And now a former employee is suing the company for pay discrimination against women.

The Los Angeles Times reports that former employee Elizabeth Rose, who worked at Vice in New York and Los Angeles between 2014 and 2016, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday. The suit reportedly alleges that after Rose viewed internal memos listing the salaries of 35 Vice employees, she realized that women made significantly less money than their counterparts who are men.

In fact a man who Rose actually hired as a subordinate was found to be making $25,000 more per year than her and was eventually promoted to be her supervisor. An executive then told Rose that he was “a good personality fit” for men clients. Vice gonna Vice, basically.

The lawsuit seeks class action certification and because it alleges that Vice Media violated equal pay laws in New York and California women who worked for the company in the last six years may be eligible to become members of the proposed classes. Rose is seeking compensatory damages, adjusted wages to compensate for the alleged pay policy, and for Vice Media’s allegedly discriminatory practices to end.

Update, 4:42 P.M.: A representative for Vice emailed Jezebel with this statement:

We have just been made aware of the complaint and are reviewing it. As a company, we have made a significant commitment to a respectful, inclusive and equal workplace. That commitment includes a pay parity audit started last year, a goal of 50/50 female/male representation at every level by 2020, and the formation of a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board.

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