Video Game Producer Jade Raymond Featured in Lucky


The January 2010 issue of Lucky held an interesting “How I’m Wired” section. The gadgets column normally features the tech habits of cool professional women, but this one was like an Easter Egg, since the person profiled was Jade Raymond.

Emily Hsieh’s quick profile does an admirable job of quickly summarizing Raymond’s accomplishments:

After a childhood spent obsessing over Atari and Nintendo, Jade Raymond made a career choice – video game executive – that seemed a natural fit. At the entertainment software company Ubisoft, she produces the bestselling Assassin’s Creed series and oversees a team of hundreds of engineers, programmers, and 3-D animators. “It’s such a fun place to work,” says the 34-year-old. “We’re all constantly testing out games together.” We tracked down the tech junkie at her office to get a look at the electronics she can’t live – or play – without.

Jade’s faves include Leica binoculars, iPod building block speakers, a PSP, and a ceramic iPod speaker that looks like an old-school gramophone.

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