Video: The Many Transformations Of Julian Assange's Hair


To some, he’s a hero; to Palin, “an anti-American operative with blood on his hands”; to Italian Rolling Stone “rock star of the year”; to The Daily Beast “civilian porn star.” Let’s all come together — around Julian Assange’s hair.

It’s not that we think it’s the only thing that matters. By all means, let’s talk about the inhumane conditions under which Assange’s probable informant Bradley Manning is being kept; CIA drone strikes in Northern Waziristan; the implications for an engagement policy with Iran, or the rape charges against Assange (and we have).

But don’t lie: you’re fascinated by it too. Watch it go from early 90s revolutionary to Neil Patrick Harris-esque coffeehouse goatee, from brown to blonde to white and back again.

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Music via Katie Gavin. Editing by Sarah Natochenny.

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