W. Kamau Bell Hits the Streets to Ask, 'What's So Wrong With a Little Cat Calling?'


W. Kamau Bell of FX’s Totally Biased hits the streets of New York City to interview both the givers and receivers of street harassment, asking both parties what they think of this game of cat-and-mouse. Not surprisingly, all the women can’t fucking stand it, but I was kinda shocked by the bros who were like, “I think women like it, because, SELF-CONFIDENCE!” Really, bros? You’re not a pervy, misogynistic version of the Evil Queen’s mirror, nobody needs you to feel good about themselves. Word up, bros, it’s actually one hundred million thousand percent the opposite.

The whole video’s great but my favorite is the woman who, in response to Bell asking what she’d like to do about street harassment, says, “you’re a dude, talk to dudes, have these conversation with your boys.” REAL TALK FOREVER.

I will say that Bell talks about street harassment being more prevalent in NYC than in SF, and that’s probably true, given there are so many more people in NYC, but dude shoulda been walking down Geary Street with me yesterday. Lewd comments-a-poppin’! My favorite set of compliments came from one fine gentleman who started with, “Girl, I like how you look in the purple dress!” Before moving on to, “Did you hear me? I said you have a nice ass for a white girl!” To finally,”Then fuck you, Grimace!” Needless to say, I could hardly pry my vagina off his penis. Ah, young love!

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