Wait, Why Is Lauren Conrad a Person We Talk About Again?


Lauren Conrad. Okay. I have absolutely nothing against LC. She seems totally nice, quiet, mauve, and weirdly solemn—she doesn’t offend me or bother me or piss me off. (One glorious time she did make me laugh my ass off, but that seems like a one-off production.) Obviously she has some level of marketability, because people keep marketing her to us as a crafter, a smiler, a purveyor of formal shorts. But mostly doesn’t she just read like…a civilian? Your prettiest neighbor? Is our nation’s current level of LC coverage—which is now going on, like, 8 years—really warranted?

A piece at the Daily Beast today examines whether or not Lauren Conrad is turning into a premature granny because of her penchant for half-smiles and earth tones:

The way she presents herself, in these videos, on the red carpet or snapped by paparazzi, is painfully uninteresting. We know, regardless of the occasion, that she will be sporting a fresh, porcelain face, a nude or red lip, and a single swipe of eyeliner on her upper lid that extends just beyond her eye line. In photographs, a slight tilt to the head, one hand placed strategically on a hip is completed with a forced half-smile. Lauren Conrad is, in a word—predictable.

I mean, sure. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m trying to be delicate because I like her…but I’m just wondering if, now that we’re at the point where I’m writing an article about an article about whether or not Lauren Conrad is boring…maybe we should take it as a sign that we don’t need any more articles about Lauren Conrad right now? Since she doesn’t really, like, do stuff? Thoughts? Eh? Ehh???

From ‘The Hills’ to Over the Hill: Lauren Conrad’s Premature Aging [DailyBeast]

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