Was There an Actual 'Real' Moment on The Kardashians Last Night?


There’s been no love lost between Brody Jenner and his stepmother Kris Jenner on this season of Keeping Up with Kardashians. Since the Kimye baby apparently wasn’t a surefire way to make sure the ratings of the show skyrocketed, the family has spent this season trying to make Brody, his brother Brandon and Brandon’s wife Leah a larger focal point of the Kardashian story. During Sunday night’s episode, this manifested through a strangely miced argument between Brody and Kris about the tension in their relationship.

This fight happened on the deck of a large yacht in Greece, as the family took their highly-publicized vacation together.

Brody: I think you need to look at yourself and be like, are these things really what’s important in life? I don’t care about this [points to boat/cameras]. I care about this [gestures between them]. Like this [gestures to boat/cameras again], I don’t give a shit about this.
Kris: Yeah but this is how we can do this [gestures between the two of them].

At this point, Kourtney, who has been watching from afar, literally comes over and inserts herself between Brody and Kris, saying, “I feel the need to step in” and begins defending her mother:

Kourtney: Her and Kim may like to have their flashier things but I feel like genuinely like, her soul, is not like that.

The weirdest part was the audio; it seemed to switch in between being high quality and terrible, requiring subtitles over sections that, coincidentally, were the most juicy, like when Brody mentions his mother Linda Thompson, with whom his dad Bruce had an acrimonious divorce Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they were on a boat, feeling the spray of the sea; perhaps they actually shut their mics on and off. But the exchange was far more self-aware than most everything else in the episode, and stood in sharp contrast to Kim’s complaints later about the paparazzi that followed the family to Greece. Though the media scrutiny of Kim was even worse during her pregnancy (something she mentions during the episode), she still manages to have no self-awareness about how the paparazzi are the people who afford the family all of “this.”

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