Watch Bachelor Contestant Britt Cry. And Cry. And Cry. And Cry.


There were a lot of fun moments during Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, which is the best episode of every season of this show (to use Bachelor-approved superlatives). “Crazy” Ashley S. made it clear that she’s probably an actress pretending to be insane. Carly and Britt fought about the meaning of friendship. Kaitlyn made her status as the frontrunner for the next Bachelorette known. Ashley I. and Kelsey continued their Virgin/Widow feud. Jade got an unsatisfactory answer from Chris about why he sent her home (it wasn’t because of her nude pics!). But the star, by far, was Britt, a “waitress” from Los Angeles. Britt cried throughout the whole season, but she really put her talents to good use last night, demonstrating that it is possible to sob gracefully and not ruin your makeup in the process. Teach us your ways, Britt. Or at least tell us where you take acting classes.

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