Watch Fox and Friends Struggle to Grasp Gender-Neutral Toy Marketing


Target has decided to opt for more gender-neutral labeling in the way it sells toys and other kids’ products. As a segue into their coverage of this shift, Fox & Friends asks a weighty question: “Have the P.C. police gone too far?” They raise an excellent point—the most pressing issue facing America is shaving two minutes off an adult’s search for Dora the Explorer sheets.

Raw Story clipped this minor freakout from Fox and Friends, in which the cast attempts to comprehend the move. “Is this gonna confuse you? I know it’s gonna confuse me!” says the dude reporting live from a Tampa parking lot. Golly!

“If you go to buy a gift for a boy that’s nine or six, or a girl who’s nine or six, you want to be able to go that section and pick out a toy they might want. Now you have to sit there and look at a blended area and wonder, is this for a boy, or is this for a girl?” an anchor asks.

This is ridiculous. If you’re buying something for a kid, either you know the kid well enough to have a sense that what she wants is [very specific American Girl accessory here], or you know the kid so little you opt for something generic—something either educational or so trendy any kid would want it. It’s not Target’s fault if you are bad at shopping for children.

Don’t worry, though: “It will not be the clothing, which is good because you need to know which is which.”

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