​Watch Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Do a Clueless Reporter's Job For Him


In general, I’m pretty sure a good rule of thumb for journalists (not that I would know) is to be prepared. This is especially important for interviews, as a local TV news correspondent in Denver discovered the hard way, while interviewing Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader.

Emmy-winning and possibly overenthusiastic Chris Parente from Denver had the opportunity to speak with the two comedians about their new movie The Skeleton Twins. Despite praising the film (he was at Torono Film Festival guys, so he knows), it became very clear very quickly that he had not actually seen the film himself, asking Wiig if she had any “advice” for going nude on camera. Fun fact: Kristen Wiig has a nude scene in the film Welcome to Me, not The Skeleton Twins. (Also, what the fuck kind of shit question is that, Parente? Really? Asking about a nude scene?)

Of course, Wiig and Hader being two of the top professional comedic actors played it off real well, mocking the crap out of Parente, who obviously had no hope of resuscitating the interview. You know who wouldn’t have bungled this? RON GODDAMN ZAPPOLO.

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