Watch KTLA Reporter Get Creepiest Compliment Ever On Air


Pride parades are fun for the participants (riding in speedos on a Chipotle float! Yeah!) but probably not as much fun for the reporters covering it live. It was probably the least fun (ever) for Christina Pascucci who had to deal with a drunken stranger verbally harassing her as she tried to end her report on the festivities.

Pascucci was in the middle of pointing out that no major disturbances had happened during the parade (although the Lyft driver who took me to the airport on Sunday said that everyone was “hella publicly intoxicated, mhm”) when a very drunk man rushed up to her and screamed “you are so fucking hot” in her ear. I don’t know what he was thinking (he was drunk? Maybe he stupidly thought it was okay because he was gay and therefore not really sexually harrassing her?) but whatever it was, it was totally wrong. You want to be on TV? Fine! Wave like the other drunk people did. Don’t roll up on a woman doing her job and violate her personal space. Stop being gross, dude at LA Pride.

Major credit goes to Pascucci who did not (as I suspect many of us would have) reflexively punch the man in his face. I appreciate that she was able to keep her professionalism, but it would be awesome if people looked at this footage and thought “you know what? That kind of shit right there? That’s some shit I should never do.” #dreambig

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