Maddow Brilliantly Explains Why the Right Wing Accomplished Nothing


Rachel Maddow gave another one of her sprawling, brilliant and entertaining rants on her show last night when she broke down what exactly the Republicans accomplished by shutting down the government for the past 16 days. Spoiler alert: It’s a big fat nothing.

While, in threatening the shutdown, Republicans expected the Democrats to cave and allow them to slash Obamacare to shreds, the Democrats surprised us all by standing strong and not giving into the Right’s ridiculous intimidation act.

As it turns out, the Republicans didn’t have a leg to stand on. For all their grandstanding, not a single one of their amendments made it into the Affordable Care Act and a bill was passed to raise the debt ceiling by the deadline that they had hoped would scare the Left into letting them have their way.

As Maddow points out, “there’s no winner in this, but somebody definitely lost here.” That somebody is House Speaker John Boehner. And the Republican party. And, unfortunately, our poor and beaten economy.

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[Joe. My. God.]

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