Watch the 2005 Aeon Flux Movie Today, Fuck a Reboot


A rather shady post at The Hollywood Reporter alerts us to the reboot of Aeon Flux, an MTV cartoon from the mid-’90s about a sinewy hacker with a housefly that lived in her eyelashes (and some other stuff). I characterize this otherwise unremarkable news item as shady because in conveying its message to the world, it shits on the 2005 live-action Aeon Flux starring Charlize Theron, noting its dismal critical reception and failure to make up its budget, but not noting its extremely vast cult fanbase around the world, such as me.

You know how last year everyone was so gassed on Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde, all gushing like ooh she’s a spy, ooh she wears cool outfits, and especially ooh she kicks soooo much ass? Okay, yeah, now imagine Charlize Theron doing all those things but in a post-apocalyptic future with incredible special effects? I mean, the utter snobbery of some people! Aeon Flux the film was fantastic! I would watch it twice a day if that’s how much it was played on Cinemax, which I recall as the last premium cable network to air it with the love it deserves.

That said, do I have faith that the forthcoming Aeon Flux reboot at MTV will be a success, even despite having the assistance of Gale Anne Hurd (Walking Dead, Aeon Flux the simply awesome movie)? I do not, if we’re being honest; MTV’s scripted series tend towards the schlocky, and one of its schlockiest, the long-running Teen Wolf, was helmed by Jeff Davis, who is writing and producing this iteration of Aeon Flux. And who can forget that one time MTV took a great show and concept—British teen show Skins—and ruined it with overdramatic lines and less heart than the Auntie Anne’s in the Port Authority basement (no disrespect to Auntie Anne).

But you know what? MTV wants money, so maybe they’ll freak this shit. I’ll watch it either way, if only for the fashion inspo. Gimme that Bitcoin-in-the-financial-shitter meets Giambattista Valli Snowcrasher realness baby!

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