Watch These Women Get Confronted by Their Disappointed Younger Selves


If you could meet your younger self, what kinds of questions do you think you’d have to face? Are you ready to explain why you cut your hair or why you’re not a veterinarian?

The video comes courtesy of the hilarious ladies at Mister Sister Comedy and is pretty spot-on. I know if it were me, the questions would be all about if I ever got married to Keith, the love of my life in second grade. I’d want to know if we had lots of babies and lived on a pony farm where we made chocolate chip cookies all day. My seven-year-old self would probably not be satisfied to learn that while Keith and I did not get married, we are friends on Facebook. Two years ago he commented “Hahahaha, funny” on a picture of my dog wearing a tiny hat. Then I got some weird invite to a “financial freedom seminar” he was hosting. I RSVP’d a polite “maybe” and turned off notifications from him in my news feed. I’m sure little Becky would see that as a decent compromise.

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