Watch This Amazing Squirrel Play the Nutcracker on a Flute

This will probably be your absolute favorite holiday video for the rest of the year.

In a marriage made in comedy heaven, this squirrel meets the Nutcracker to produce this delightful clip, courtesy of Wildlife Aid. I played the flute for nine years and am super jealous of his/her talents! Hello, Boston Pops, I believe we have your next superstar member here.

OK, fine you are all tired of my dumb jokes about squirrels and nuts and right now you probably on the verge of thinking I’ve finally had one too many Vodka tonics last night and actually think this is really a squirrel playing the flute. I promise you, I don’t. I want to believe this squirrel sacrificed most of his weekends in junior high and high school practicing flute to become this good. I sincerely do. But the kindly folks at Wildlife Aid explained the whole thing:

If you look closely, the squirrel’s flute is in fact a bone and not a stick. as we first thought! Wild animals need calcium just like us, and one way of absorbing it is to chew on bones. The squirrel instinctively knows how much it needs and will eat a balanced diet by doing this from time to time. It’s common to all the animal kingdom, even herbivore. Chewing on a bone also helps to wear down their teeth, which continuously grow throughout their lives — up to 15 centimeters a year. If they didn’t keep their teeth in good condition, they would overgrow and the squirrel would be unable to eat at all.


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